the remote….

Formed earlier this year, the remote come together with Steve Bellamy (greenhaus and mechanical cabaret), Warren Farr (greenhaus), Ian Medani (toy dog, navaho) and Clark Denham (greenhaus), as well as various guest vocal performances. With previous tours and many live shows under their belt already, the band now is ready for something different.

The remote’s music can be described as dynamic, merging ambient soundscapes with multilayered crashing guitar and synths, as well as some more traditional song structures . An iron lung vocoder provides the vocal element to a lot of the tracks.

The band have been busy in the studio recording their debut album due for release in the winter. The album entitled frozen, will contain a collection of instrumental and vocal tracks including some collaborations.

The band will be touring in the winter, so check out the dates on this site.

The bands debut release will be during this coming winter.